It was an awesome day today as we counted another day on our Black History Month calendar. From 4-6pm, we had the amazing Pravini Baboeram as we screened her musical documentary, ‘The Uprising’ which focuses on resistance against racism in Europe. The documentary uses commentary/experiences of various notable academics and practitioners from diverse backgrounds, including Arzu Merali, Stephen Small, Jessica De Abreau, Jefferey Poondaag, Raza Kazim, Ramon Grosfugel and Roberto Hernandez.

We would easily recommend this documentary to anyone and everyone who can get the opportunity to watch it. The depth it covers is great and the dimensions of the discourse of colonisation and decolonisation from a fresh perspective. Pravini’s original songs are a big bonus too.

The screening was followed by a Question and Answer session chaired by Professor Gurminder K. Bhambra, Professor of Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies, School of Global Studies.


From 6-8pm, we had a Decolonise Sussex meeting at Fulton 103. The group is made up of an amazing assembly of students focused on bringing change to campus by decolonising not just the curriculum but helping to show how

It is a campaign to decolonise the university’s curriculum, encourage diverse staff representation and an education which challenges existing power structures, rather than perpetuating them. They seek to challenge institutional racism and create meaningful change across the University. It was fun uniting with old friends, new ones and family. Decolonise is doing amazing things and in the coming weeks, we will be strategising on doing a conference in February 2020. Watch out…

More to come this week. Don’t forget that we have:

Wednesday 23rd October: Climate Change and Race (5:30-7pm. Fulton Lecture Theatre) A conversation with Joshua Virasami and Alex Kelbert on climate change and race.

Afrobeats DanceFit (7:30-8:30pm, Off Campus. Marina Studios)
Afrobeats DanceFit is also a celebration of African culture! The class playlist features hits from all over the continent and the routines are an excellent blend of effective exercises and African dance moves. Students receive a 50% discount making the class £4! Don’t hesitate to book your place by emailing or by clicking ‘going’ on our Facebook event!

Friday 25th October
Writing History In Colour – Creative Writing Workshop (3-6pm, Debating Chamber, Falmer House)
The workshop, facilitated by Black History Month Curator, and multiple award-winning author Su’ur Su’eddie Vershima Agema (@sueddieagema) is focused on writing experience of people of colour in various circumstances. These experiences range from being in singular Black or Brown nation to being black or brown in mixed communities or nations. Participants will engage with materials to inspire writing across the genres. Think in colour, create new experiences and build history.


Saturday 26th October
Banyan Tree Theatre Group presents: Real-I-Sing ‘Windrush Songs Workshop’ (1-3pm, Off Campus. Founder’s Room, Brighton Dome)
All are welcome at this vibrant singing workshop inspired by Windrush where participants will learn songs that bring to life the anticipation and wonder of a defining moment in Black British history. The workshop is free, but please register your interest. Get free tickets and reserve your space at


Sunday 27th October
Cinema Club: Rafiki (5-7pm, ACCA)
With beautiful scenes connected through shades of fuchsia and violet, reflecting the femininity of the characters, this gentle film follows the development of love between two young women. Directed by Wanuri Kahiu, part of a strong cohort of Kenyan female filmmakers, Rafiki was the first Kenyan film to be included in the Un Certain Regard section in Cannes in 2018 and was then controversially banned from being shown in Kenya by the Kenya Film Classification Board.

All the other events can be found HERE.

Alrightie then, catch ya!


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