Sunday 27th October, 2019

The Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (ACCA) at our University of Sussex screened the intensive Kenyan movie, Rafiki which traces the love story of two women who are daughters of political rivals. Their love affair is frowned at by the society, representative of the larger Kenyan country where same-sex relationships are an offence and punishable with fourteen years in prison. The couple go through several difficulties as they try to express their love, even against the backdrop of their fathers’ rivalry. In the mix, there are other competing love interests and a very entertaining but meddling community gossip who spice the movie.

The audience at the ACCA were not disappointed and were spell bound through the entire period of the movie’s over one hour run.

There will be a screening for another movie at the ACCA on Tuesday 29th October by 7pm. This time it is Mandela’s autobiography inspired Long walk to Freedom (starring Idris Elba, Naomi Harris and Tony Kgoroge). It will be started with a Question and Answer session with the screen writer, William Nicholson. There will also be an end brief Question and Answer session…

On Wednesday, 30th October, Sussex hosts Margaret Busby and New Daughters of Africa: A Cultural Industries Perspective at Fulton Lecture Theatre A from 4-6pm. It is an event not to miss for anything in the world. Places are free but please register your interest.

There is also Afrobeats DanceFit from 7:30 to 8:30pm, off campus at the Marina Studios. Afrobeats DanceFit is also a celebration of African culture! The class playlist features hits from all over the continent and the routines are an excellent blend of effective exercises and African dance moves. They’re so fun that you’ll forget you’re exercising! Don’t hesitate to book your place by emailing or by clicking ‘going’ on our Facebook event!

You can find all other events happening by clicking here.

Have a lovely new week!



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